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FitnessOne In Toronto Was Founded By John Wheeler

August 14, 2015

Traditional gyms can be wonderful tools for people to get in shape or lose weight, but they do not work to improve people's health and wellness. Gyms are made for losing weight or building muscle or getting fit, but they do not address nutritional issues, wellness, or mental balance. This is what FitnessOne in Toronto, Canada, was built for. It is a full service, high quality, member-centered activity centre in Toronto.

An activity centre like John Wheeler's FitnessOne in Toronto differs from traditional gyms in important ways. FitnessOne offers more than just exercise machines and locker rooms, they provide interactive programs run by competent staffers who know how to get the most out of the time they have with their members. Furthermore, their programs are meant to be completed both during the time members are at the gym and continued at home.

John Wheeler founded FitnessOne in Toronto because he saw a need for an activity centre that was affordable for people in the area. This required creating a centre that was state-of-the-art while also keeping membership fees low. Many people are surprised to find that FitnessOne in Toronto has a yoga and pilates studio that enables people to enjoy a serene atmosphere. John Wheeler originally founded FitnessOne so that it could cater specifically to the needs of women, whom he felt were overlooked by most local centres. However, people of all ages, races, genders, and fitness levels are welcome at FitnessOne in Toronto.
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